Kudos III – Canadian Sculpture Center


by Elizaveta Mironova

Kudos III is a mesmerizing collection focusing on artists’ personal histories.

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Louise Noguchi & Sean Ross Stewart at Birch Contemporary


by Simon Termine

Noguchi strives to protect against the passage of time that entangles the tumbleweed or will inevitably destroy the marshmallow structures, while Stewart is concerned with preserving and/or reconstructing fading memories.

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Interview With Ashley Snook at Gallery 1313


by Phil Anderson

I am creating these humorous human/animal hybrids or incorporating animals in some way, whether that it is through printmaking, drawing, painting or sculpture.

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Jennifer Rose Sciarrino: Thrummer at Daniel Faria Gallery


by Vanessa Zeoli

Sciarrino’s most recent body of work combines digital animation, floor drawing, and hand-blown glass sculpture to examine the dynamic between technology and the material world.

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Libby Hague: Pattern Recognition at loop


by Laura Hutchingame

The brilliance of Pattern Recognition is its offering of the chance experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else. It makes us stop, look and, above all, play in the instant we inhabit.

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Jesse Colin Jackson: Marching Cubes at Pari Nadimi


by Laura Hutchingame

Jackson's use of this new 3D printing method and the collective creation of the final installation strikes the viewer as particularly resonant in 2017.

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Interview with Lloyd Arbour


by Nika Teper

I find beauty and creatively in many of the basic elements that surround me on a day-to-day basis — one day it might come from architecture and the next a gradient of colour.

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Mitchell Chan: Art & Inactivism at Angell Gallery

Mitchell Chan 1

by Allison Ing

Art & Inactivism is a poignant time based exhibition by artist Mitchell Chan that questions the interconnected roles of art and political narrative.

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Jordan Broadworth: The Adjacent Possible at General Hardware

File type: image/jpeg

by Nika Teper

Broadworth’s artwork evokes multiple possibilities of urban narratives with various natural and artificial, haptic and digital motifs and patterns.

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Iris Häussler: Sophie La Rosière Project at Scrap Metal


by Andriy Bilenkyy

Häussler's exploration of the artistic value of fictionality, simultaneously dissimulated and exposed, sits well with the theoretical concerns that could motivate her character, Sophie La Rosière, – if she was more than an artworld entity, of course.

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Interview with Lumír Hladík at Walnut Contemporary


by Jordan Fee

I try to put so many layers into my works, so even if you only get two or three of them the first time, it still goes deeper and deeper.

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Climate Change at Ryerson Image Centre


by David Saric

Ryerson Image Centre’s latest curatorial effort, simply titled Climate Change, confronts many ecological concerns head on, displaying its socially conscious inclinations for all to witness.

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